Here we shall be limiting ourselves to job opportunities on Deck side. Deck Officer - The officers from this branch look after the ships navigation, loading/unloading of cargo, general maintenance, and administration of the ship.


Engine Department consist of Marine engineers and Electrical officer. Marine engineers operate, maintain, and repair the mechanical systems of ships. Working closely with the architect who designs the ship structure, and maintains the propulsion, auxiliary power machinery, and other equipment needed to run the ship. An Electrial officer maintain and repair the ship’s electrical system. Most marine engineers are employed by companies in ships and some employed by private firms that build ships or make the equipment used in them. A few engineers do freelance work as consultants to these firms.Marine engineers may specialize in certain kinds of equipment such as pumps, engines, gears, heaters, or deck machinery.


Merchant Navy Ratings are ship personnal who carry out duties on the deck, in the engine room and in catering services(saloon department). They assist officers in all departments, and they will be trained in fire prevention and sea survival skills. The work time of the ratings normally work shifts, known as 'watches', four hours on duty followed by eight hours off.

The duties of ratings will depend on the type of ship and the department,

For Deck Ratings

Steering the ship, Inspecting and cleaning holds,tanks,cranes and winches, Reparing and painting the ship’s hull, Assisting the deck officer in loading and unloading operations and in other navigational duties. In port, they secure the ship to the dock, carry out maintenance and contribute to the security of the vessel.

For Engine Ratings

Maintaining the shipboard machinery. They carry out routine oiling, greasing and servicing, and fitters/petty officers will repair and fit equipment parts. Experienced ratings help the engineering officers to monitor the main plant and other equipment to make sure it is run safely.

For Saloon Ratings

Preparing meals in the galley and serving food and drinks, Cleaning cabins, corridors and decks, Stock control and re-ordering supplies. They will Provide a variety of catering services for the crew and passengers on ferries and cruise liners. engines, gears, heaters, or deck machinery.

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